January 20, 2018

Snow, Sugar, and Sleep



Levant House at night

Winter has come to Prairie Creek Inn. Wind and snow peel against window panes and twist through barren tree branches but cannot penetrate the stone walls of the Leavitt House. Inside, a glow of warmth emanates from the hearth, pressing away the cold like a steaming mug of cocoa against snow-numbed fingers. Here, the scent of cinnamon rolls, of warmed sugar and spices,waft against aged beams, warming one’s soul just as the fire warms the body.

The New Year has come and with it, new possibilities, new memories to make, and fresh ways to remember times past. Let us help you make your new year all the more special by booking a weekend away and taking a moment to refresh, reflect, and relax in any of our elegantly furnished rooms. Reserve a room now, while our winter rates last, or give the gift of rest and relaxation by purchasing a gift certificate!