Meet Your Innkeepers

We are both lifelong Nebraskans, from farm and ranch backgrounds.

As we grew up and then grew together, we developed a great love for the beauty of God’s creation, the serenity of nature, and the restorative value of solitude. Having raised 3 active sons now out on their own, we are now enjoying a bit of solitude ourselves at this grand home! By trade, Maureen is a school nurse, and Bruce is with United Parcel Service as a delivery driver. Maureen enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and guitar; Bruce enjoys remodeling, music, and taking naps.

We have come to love this home as we saved it from being razed, survived the renovations, and now are thankful that the home is ready for another 100 years! You can still see some of the renovation and other info. about us at our old website:

If interested, you can learn more of the move and restoration during a private or group tour. There is indeed hope when all seems hopeless… we’re all living proof of that. Restoration and a second chance is what truly gives us life!

Come and join us for a day or a week… there’s plenty to do here!