All reservations require a security deposit in the form of a credit/debit card hold or check sent at time of reservation.  Whole house, multiple room or night, or large events require a non-refundable 25% deposit.

Cancellation policy:

  • 48 hours for individual room/single night reservations.
  • 7 days for remaining 75% of multiple room or nights reservations.
  • 30 days for remaining 75% of whole house or large event reservations.
  • Any whole house rental or large event (involving more than 40 people) requires payment in full 30 days before event  and require a signed facility rental agreement
  • Refund given if notice of cancellation is received by above deadlines.  Otherwise, a full charge for one nights’ stay, or entire balance due for multiple room, nights, or large event will be charged.

Prairie Creek Inn maintains a strict ‘Family Friendly’ Facility:   This is primarily a Bed & Breakfast facility, and is also our home.  You are our guests while here, and we expect you and all persons in your party to respect the peaceful community atmosphere that we have developed here.  There may always be guests unrelated to your event here at the same time you are.  Your responsible behavior ensures a pleasant experience for all, and respect for this property and all contents is also a high priority.

  • Children are welcome at Prairie Creek Inn, but must be well-behaved and accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. You may consider a suite.
  • Pets can be accommodated at Prairie Creek Inn, but must be kept outdoors on leash or housed outside in carrier.  All pets must be cleared at time of reservation, and require a separate fee.

Lake area:  Only overnight guests are allowed to walk or fish (need NE fishing license) the west 1/2 shoreline. No swimming or boating allowed. Quiet time 10pm-8am.  Please respect the privacy of the adjacent neighbors…thank you!

Behavior policy:

  • The entire facility is smoke-free…no smoking allowed (except one designated spot in front yard)
  • Excessive noise, any intoxication, or lewd behavior are not tolerated.

Alcohol: is not served or encouraged at Prairie Creek Inn. Small drink quantities brought into rooms by guests is permitted. Disposal of containers by the guests is appreciated.

****************************Additional Large Event Behavior Policies************************

  • For larger and reception type events, champagne for toasts, and small amounts of wine are permitted.      If  you wish to serve alcohol beyond that, all of the following apply:
  • An additional security deposit of $1,000 is due 30 days before your event, and details must be noted on your facility rental agreement and agreed to by Prairie Creek Inn.
  • A licensed bartender must dispense all alcohol.
  • Special Designated License for alcohol must be granted for the event.
  • A blanket event liability policymust be provided by such caterer and/or by the event organizer showing both general and liquor liability coverage for the entire time your group will be here, naming Prairie Creek Inn, its owners, and any employees as additional named insured.  Due 30 days ahead.
  • Every such event must have a contact person specifically responsible for behavior of every person in your event.  If an issue develops, this person will immediately control all guests.
  • No liquor or mixed drinks permitted at group events. Only beer, wine, and champagne.
  • No alcohol shall be brought on premises or consumed except that provided by event organizer.
  • No minors may be served alcohol.
  • No alcohol may be consumed outdoors by any guest in any event at any time.


Breach of Behavior policies will immediately cancel your event, and all participants promptly removed from the property.  No refund will be given, the security deposit forfeited,  and any damages sustained beyond the amount of the security deposit will be charged to the same credit card on file posting the security deposit. Prairie Creek Inn, its owners, or employees will not be liable for any loss of use, personal property, or enjoyment resulting  from breach of these policies.