Historic Prairie Creek Inn

Built in 1911 by Burt W. Leavitt, Lincoln area farmer and teacher, the stone-face block roofed with French tile structure at 70th & ‘O’ quickly became a landmark east of Lincoln.

The Benjamin Davis family purchased the home in 1919, and lived in it until the U.S. Government bought the house and farm in 1929, and there constructed the Veterans’ Hospital. Then house became home to the acting chief surgeons.

In 1980, the home was vacated by the VA, and no one was allowed to occupy it. By 2002, it had been completely vandalized and only a shell remained.

Bruce & Maureen Stahr purchased and moved the home in 2003. Nearly 4,000 people came to watch the 2-day, 11 mile parade, averaging 1 mph. The 406,000 pound load was set gracefully on its new foundation, and over the next 4 years, underwent a complete transformation. The farmstead also underwent much work, restoring the original 3-story barn and farmhouse to usable condition. Now graced with restored period woodwork from another home, marble, oak, walnut, and refinished original bedroom floors, expanded front porch, 4-level elevator, and full basement, the Prairie Creek Inn is ready for anything from family celebrations and weddings to personal getaway retreats.

Starting with a “moving experience”, the Historic Leavitt House ( a three-story ornate block structure) was moved from its home of nearly 100 years in Lincoln to a quiet, country farm. Although the dilapidated house was slated for destruction, owners Bruce and Maureen Stahr envisioned a country get-away that would give guests an opportunity to “make memories matter” . Thus they have not only saved the house from oblivion but have restored the house to a beautiful bed and breakfast.

The Leavitt House is equipped with a four-level passenger elevator, walkout street level access, and a handicap accessible bathroom.

You will not find a bed and breakfast in the area with more direct access to the beauty and tranquility of God’s creation. Wildlife, the freshness of nature, and the quiet solitude of brilliant sunrises and Golden Sunsets offer you a bountiful harvest of memories.